need to spill something here~~~
it is not a month yet, but I start missed Yuyann long hair!!!

Yuya long hair @DEAR 2016 Live Tour

I think, he looks more matured with long hair... bcoz, he looks just like a bad-college-guy with that short hair... it is cool but it's lack something...
at first, it's quite refreshing looking at him with new hair cut, but somehow I feel it didn't suit him like his long hair before.... with that long hair, Yuyann looks more kakkoii, gentleman and matured guy.... He need his long hair back!!!

but never mind... I would wait until I can watch his new haircut in ITAjump future eps since the one that aired now is the recording one bcoz Yuya still in long hair.... maybe my perception on him (with short hair) will change after I watch the ep where Yuya cut his hair.... hopefully (^^,)



Jan. 10th, 2017 09:44 am
addinfarhani: (Default)
I'm new here...
started using DreamWidth because of attraction from HeySayJump since I want to know more about them... n I realized that I can get more info if and only if I have DW acc and be one of the community members... by the way, here little bit about myself...

I'm from Malaysia
24 years old
love red colors
love eating
started knowing about Hey Say Jump after watching drama Gokusen 3, where Takaki Yuya get the lead role along with Miura Haruma... (I never dreamed of becoming hard-to-die fans of HeySayJump...)
my ichiban in HeySayJump is, of coz Yuyan...

*meet me at my blog too

so minna.... yoroshiku nee~~~(^^,)
arigatou in advance your hard works....

*lately, I got interested to know more about Kota, Kei and Hikka...(^^,) but no worries... no matter what happen, I'm still with Yuyannn...*

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